2017-2018 Season

Zeitgeist, Oct. 12-13


A play written and performed entirely by freshmen and sophomore students.  The topics and themes change from year to year, but the show is always timely, provocative and entertaining!  Performed in the Lyceum.

Fall Play, Oct. 26-28

The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol and adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher is a comical farce from the 1830s which satirizes human greed, stupidity, and the extensive political corruption of Imperial Russia.  It couldn't happen here today...or could it?

Scotland Showcase, Nov. 16-17

Directed by Beth Barber, this production and student cast members will be traveling to Scotland this summer to perform at the International Fringe Festival.

Winter Play, Dec. 15-16

Comedy Sportz

This is a high energy show of interactive comedy improvisation!  Two teams compete in a variety of games to impress and entertain the audience.  Lots of fun and, because it's improv, every performance is totally different!

Variety Show, Feb. 21-24

Comedy Troupe

Troupe performs comedy skits written and developed by student members of Spur of the Moment

Spring Play, April 26-28

Children's Play TBA